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MicroLine Series

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The VIEW MicroLine® is a high-performance critical dimensional measurement system for wafers, masks, MEMS and other micro-fabricated devices in situations which do not require fully automated operation.MicroLine Series

MicroLine systems feature the highest quality microscope optics, motorized autofocus, manually operated stages and fully programmable illumination and measurement recipes.  Reflected illumination is standard and transmitted illumination is available as an option.  MicroLine systems are capable of measuring bright and dark lines, semi-transparent layers, lines with irregular edges and other critical features.



Specifications Standard Optional
X,Y,Z Measuring Range (mm)

MicroLine 1000

100 x 100 x 175

MicroLine 2000

200 x 200 x 175

MicroLine 3000

300 x 300 x 175
Camera 2.0 megapixel, digital, B&W metrology camera Color and other camera configurations available upon request
XY Stage Cross roller with manual coaxial positioning and quick release; Glass stage insert for use with transmitted light

Objective Lenses

(Field Interchangable)

10X Bright Field
50X Bright Field
5X BF or BF/DF
10X BF or BF/DF
20X LWD, BF or BF/DF  
100X LWD, BF or BF/DF
150X LWD, BF or BF/DF
Imaging Optics Olympus Microscope optics, including horizontal bright field/dark field illuminator, five-objective motorized lens turret with DIC slot, tilt trinocular viewing system with optical crosshair, and standard 0.63X back tube with camera mount
Illumination Programmable LED coaxial surface light and LED transmitted light with adjustable N.A. stop